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1 year ago
Sam Davids , a member from Lancaster,  wrote:
DO NOT HAVE A PARTY HERE! It was terrible! The place was dirty and freezing! There's a wash bin with a dirty mop right where they put the food. It was so NOT worth the money! They only give you one sheet pizza and 2 2liters of soda --forcing you to spend more money. The staff is unfriendly and the two hours is not enough time for a kids party. They stop your gaming a half hour before and expect you to eat, open presents and have cake. If you don't get done right ON TIME--they stand there watching you with the lights turned on. AND --make sure if you do book one that you DON'T do it over the phone. They won't hold your time even for a day. If you call and ask for a time they will say okay then if someone walks in after you they will GIVE YOUR TIME AWAY. They don't care! It's all about the money not quality customer service! I would not recommend the Depew OOgie games to ANYONE!

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1 year ago
OOGIE GAMES , the Business Owner,  wrote:
Dear Mr. Davids,

I am so sorry to hear that you did not have the type of experience that Oogie Games strives so hard to provide for all of our guests. We set high standards for ourselves and are sorry that we did not live up to your expectations. We continually strive to provide a great party experience and value your input, which is why we hand out a party survey at the conclusion of each event to help us access those areas where we can deliver a better experience.

We take a lot of pride in delivering an exceptional party at a very reasonable price. The sheet pizza comes with 24 slices and is enough for each of your guests to have a slice of pizza and the two liters of Coke provide each person a cup of pop. We also allow our parties to bring anything else they would enjoy:party favors, chips, pretzels and/or other snacks or drinks they might enjoy. If there is a need for an additional pizza, we are more than happy to provide another one at a reduced cost.

Every controller, playing surface, and eating area is cleaned at the conclusion of each party to make the room ready and presentable for our next guests and I am very sorry that you did not feel that our effort was enough. I have spoken with the Store Manager and we will step up our efforts to make every surface (including the floor which can get pretty messy with 20 kids, pizza, pop and cake) as clean and spotless as possible in between parties. We have also taken measures to ensure the mop and bucket are out of sight, thanks to your feedback.

Lastly, I feel I should explain our policy for booking parties. We switched to an in-store only booking process after previous customers who booked over the phone, did not come in and complete the process. This resulted in confusion over which parties were booked and which times were open. In order for us to continue to offer our top rated parties at a reasonable price, the only solution was to have customers book the party in the store where they could get the free party invitations, arrange for any specific games their guests would like to play and to allow for any other special needs they might have.

OOGIE GAMES is committed to providing a phenomenal customer service experience, both in our stores and during our parties. I consider it our top priority to ensure that you are blown away by your experience every time you step into one of our locations and I am truly sorry that we did not accomplish that in your case. I have taken your constructive criticism seriously and am making changes accordingly so that we can continue to offer the kind of experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call me personally and I'll do my best to answer them.


Matthew J Walter Chief Operating Officer 716.901.0507 x102

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